You want the company to solve your pest problems using environmentally sound pest
management methods.

  • Take your time. Most pest problems in your house can wait a few days for you to
    choose a professional company. Take the same time and care in choosing a pest
    control company as finding any professional like a doctor or lawyer.
  • Ask friends, neighbors or co-workers for recommendations. Interview more than
    one company.
  • Be an educated consumer. Don't depend on advertising or sales pitches to judge a
    company's record. Ask for references.
  • The pest control company should be professional and well-trained in using more than one method to manage pests.
  • Inquire with your State Department of Agriculture to see if any complaints may have been filed against the company
  • Pesticide application is just one part of a total pest management program. The company might also choose to use baits or traps.
  • The company may need to set-up a monitoring program to reduce reinfestation.


choosing professionals